Group Home Services and Support

Operating as a support and caregiving service, Superior Care & Support surely makes a difference with its Group Home Services and Support. Our focus on alleviating the agony of our clients of not functioning adequately allows us to work with resident service agencies. Our staff is deployed to residences, where they can cater for up to 8 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Years of training, certification and learning have increased our capacity to provide care for different levels of disability. Group based services are divided on the basis of the kind of support each client would need and that too at the venue where the client would feel comfortable and motivated to improve their condition.


Intensive Caregiving

Focused and increased assistance is the key to our Intensive Caregiving. Such clients require support with even the smallest tasks of their daily routine. Working in group home support where clients require intensive assistance, Superior Care & Support staff administer both simple care and basic medical knowledge. What might the clients need? Residents in such group support could suffer from medical issues that need instant help and generally have medical conditions that limit mobility. Incontinence or plethora could be one of the situations where a group of our counselors stay both during the day and night to provide intensive caregiving and support.


Assisted Caregiving

Generally functioning independently, these residents might not need full-time support or care but only require it during certain times of the day. A scenario that falls under our group-based home support is where individuals would work during the day and need assistance once they return or when they are to be put to bed. In such cases, we offer assisted caregiving that aims to nurture further independence amongst the residents.
Assisted Caregiving Schedule (subject to client preferences): Few hours during the day and night (weekdays) and up to 12 hours on the weekends.

Community Support Program (Drop-in)

Clients, and relatives who would want them to live in a family-oriented environment so we can effectively nurture them to greater mobility and independence, fall under this category of support. Our Community Support Program is designed with “drop-in caregiving” – clients live with their families but need focused assistance with skills and tasks they can master through persistence. For the relatives, siblings, spouse, and children who would be responsible for our clients, Superior Care & Support understands your busy schedule and your inability to provide the required hours of support to increase their skill and independence. For this, our expert caregivers drop-in at your place to be with the person and help them develop skills from cooking, shopping to the management of different daily tasks – with compassion, we ensure that the levels or effects of intellectual or developmental disability can be reduced.

24-Hour Support And Supervision

To improve the quality of life and to change the perception about happiness that has deteriorated lately with a potential client because of their immobility due to a disability that recently intensified. Superior Care & Support brings 24-Hour Support and Supervision in such cases; this works most effectively with clients who cannot move and perform even personal tasks on their own. Understanding their condition, which could be marred with an underlying medical issue such as incontinence, we deploy staff for caregiving to a partner agency’s facility or the client’s own place.

Our superior training to the caregivers makes them capable of dealing with several issues with such clients. It helps them portray positivity with compassion in the challenging lifestyle of the client. Reducing the burden that our clients witness with such matters, the caregivers take baby-steps to add fun and happiness along with support and supervision.

In-Home Support Services

Whereas the clients in most of the cases above are adults, this is where we expand to provide care and supervision for both children and adults. As your partner in respite and alleviation of agony, we serve as both sitters and companions. Superior Care & Support’s In-Home Support Services are a kind of a drop-in support service, yet it is limited to only some hours of the day, whatever might be agreed upon. The caregivers arrive at the residence of the clients and help them learn to deal with routine tasks.

At Superior Care & Support we ensure that our caregivers are equipped with the most essential skills of innovation – this helps them evaluate a client and their needs to tailor a learning strategy accordingly.

Personality Improvement Program

As adults who have experienced life and community involvement, living with a disability can be painful. At Superior Care & Support we focus on improving life and living it to the fullest for such clients. Our belief is that once a client takes on a healthy life and is motivated to indulge in a relationship and perform activities, they have the potential to be better learners. In such a scenario, passion is the key. With persistent efforts through the Personality Improvement Program, individuals can have a better approach to learning better social skills and alleviate the restrictions of their disability.


Respite Care With Aid & Support

As a Medicaid Waiver Program, Superior Care & Support brings its clients the options to increase access to care with reduced fees. Incorporated in Virginia as a leading caregiving entity, we offer registration and subsequent support with the fees to allow them a better chance at getting care services.


Alleviating the pain of loneliness due to an intellectual challenge, we stand with you and help you through the problems that life throws at you. Your developmental issues would never again be a problem to prospering. Superior Care & Support brings you an opportunity to exploit the goodness of life like others around you.

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