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Nurturing those who suffer from any intellectual or developmental disability, all the while fighting to get them a fair share of the day-to-day life.


OverviewSafeguarding Rights for the Disabled – Join Hands to promote caregiving

Caregiving is a noble profession, and those who receive it are abled, albeit in a different manner. Our initiative is to advocate for the rights of those who receive care. An intellectual or developmental disability is neither a choice nor a disease or a “curable” condition. Superior Care & Support will raise the flag to advocate for the rights to waiver, job assistance, and intervention for individuals with intellectual or developmental disability. As we are not just a caregiving institution, but also a potential advocate for the rights of the disabled, we work at State level to get approval for better opportunities for intellectually and developmentally disabled persons.

Creating Opportunities

Improving chances for the disabled to have a go at their dreams and at living a community life.

Improving Care Options

To innovate caregiving services for a better living for disabled individuals.

24/7 Support

Superior Care & Support initiates round the clock help and support for emergency care needs.

Advocating Rights

Moving forward with the motive to help the intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals to live an acceptable community life.

Tailored Training For Caregivers

Better opportunity for residents and clients is based on caregiver skills and expertise – innovating the training for a function caregiver team.


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Your Heading

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Your Heading

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Your Heading

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Alleviating the pain of loneliness due to an intellectual challenge, we stand with you and help you through the problems that life throws at you. Your developmental issues would never again be a problem to prospering. Superior Care & Support brings you an opportunity to exploit the goodness of life like others around you.

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