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For the Disabled

Who we are

Nurturing those who suffer from any intellectual or developmental disability, all the while fighting to get them a fair share of the day-to-day life.

About Us

Under the supervision of Executive Director Musa S. Bangura, RN, MSN, the team of professionals at Superior Care & Support is ready to help individuals stricken with low, mild, or high disabilities. Rejecting the stigma of treating these competent individuals as though they suffer from a contagious condition, we start as support persons and extend our services to constant care in more acute cases. We start with a full package of support and assistance to get our clients going with their daily needs, served with a family-oriented approach. We pride ourselves as not just a caregiving institution but also an anchor for the rights of the disabled, to enable them to have a firm standing, nudge forward with their goals and thrive. Incorporating passion into caregiving services allows Superior Care & Support to create a safe haven for individuals suffering from intellectual and/or developmental challenges.


Our mission is to let people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have a chance to grow in the very same conditions as others. At Superior Care & Support, we bring our clients opportunities and motivation to strive with strength in the face of what people have deemed impossible for them. Bringing support and assistance to the comfort of their home helps us create an environment of compassion and familiarity for our clients.

We always here YOU ARE NEVER ALONE

Alleviating the pain of loneliness due to an intellectual challenge, we stand with you and help you through the problems that life throws at you. Your developmental issues would never again be a problem to prospering. Superior Care & Support brings you an opportunity to exploit the goodness of life like others around you.

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